Monday, September 5, 2011

Number 10!

Wow, talk about a dead blog! Life has just been so busy, I have hardly had time to organize my mind enough for a decent post. Admittedly, I have found Facebook a much quicker and easier way to keep everyone updated [because I know that they wake each day filled with excitement at what my witty or interesting status will be! .... NOT!].

But for those of you that are not on Facebook and have been wondering about my family, I have the best news to share with you! Yes, we have adopted again! A little boy, making our family a mix of 6 boys and 4 girls, currently ages 18 years - 4 weeks. :) NEVER in my life did I think I would say "I have 10 kids!". But I am so happy that I can say that now!

Quentin was adopted domestically. We were matched with him on the 18th of August and he came home on the 31st. He spent his first 3 weeks of life in the hospital because of being born with Spina Bifida. He is home now though, and is doing so well!

Are we intimidated? Yes. But not so that we are staying up all night worrying. I firmly believe God led us to this little boy, and I firmly believe whatever challenges we meet, He will be surrounding us with his strength, love, and compassion.

It's beautiful, God's hands in adoption. I have never been able to, nor do I want to, separate God and adoption. It is the culmination of all the love in His heart! A perfect picture of a perfect love!

There is more to share about how Quentin is a part of our family. But I am not ready to share all of it just yet, I find I am wanting to hold that in my heart and reminisce with my Heavenly Father about it some more. There is much there, and it is worthy of sharing. But not yet...

So here he is! Our little boy!

Quentin Tristen Thomas Mayden