Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Little Bit Of Luke...

... and a whole lot of deep breathing for mom! Luke is my daredevil, well... one of my daredevils.
Thankfully he is also a very capable daredevil.
He is the boy who falls into the category of "addicted to the adrenaline rush", and he is always in a much better mood if he gets at least a couple of "rushes" a day.
Sometimes it doesn't take much, just a lot of movement. Other times it takes higher, faster, longer, crazier...
Today though, it was a mild kind of rush. And being the responsible mom that I am, I took pictures!


  1. What a killer smile he has! He sounds JUST LIKE my Zeke!!! Steals my breath & stops my heart at least once a day, lol :P


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